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Get to Know Us

Majeed Guns & Firearms School is a premier arms dealer and firearms academy  located in Branford, CT. 

Our Team

Train with the experts! 

Majeed Guns & Firearms School is a leading firearms training academy in Connecticut. 

We provide high level firearms training to shooters of all backgrounds and ability levels with modern tactical firearms.

We offer comprehensive training to promote gun safety, teach new skills and save lives.  

Majeed Guns & Firearms School

We deliver apex quality training for civilians , military, law enforcement and offer a variety of classes at shooting ranges across Connecticut. 


Safety both in the class and out are a top priority for all of our instructors. To ensure your safety, no live ammuntion is permitted in the classroom. We are dedicated to making firearms ownership safe and enjoyable.

Apex Training

In your class, you will learn proper firearm handling skills, weapon safety, and firearms laws. As part of all of our classes we focus on day to day situtations such as firarms storage, safety around children, and concealed carry.

Seasoned Instructors

All of our instuctors are certified by the state of CT, MA, UT and the NRA. Each instructor is well versed in self defense both inside and outside the home. The knowledge they impart will give you the foundation to feel comfortable carrying your firearm to the places you go.


Our Credentials

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“Dan has expert subject knowledge. Great instruction. Had a wonderful time in class. Very helpful with all paperwork involved. Definitely recommending him to interested friends and family."



Refund Policy:

All sales are final.  Majeed Guns & Firearms School, LLC does not offer any money back.  We have a no refund policy.  You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances.  However, we do allow for exchange, rescheduling and store credit.

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