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Paperwork Package

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With this package, we handle all the paperwork for you.  We'll provide you with the correct paperwork. We'll audit the paperwork for you. We'll also take 2x2 passport size pictures, ink rolled fingerprints, make copies of your ID's and provide you with post instructions.  


We will provide you with all the correct applications that you will need in order to apply and obtain your pistol permit(s).  Regardless of how many permits/packages you purchase. We will provide you with all the correct paperwork and audit it. 

Xerox Copies

We will make xerox copies of all the supporting documents that are needed for your application(s). 

2x2 Passport Pictures

We will take will take your 2x2 passport pictures and print them onsite during your class.  We will provide you with all the pictures your packages call for. 

Notary Public

We have multiple onsite Notary Publics that can provide Notary Services.  We will notarize all of your applications. 


Our certified fingerprinting technicians will fingerprint you onsite. We do ink rolled finger prints on print cards.  We provide the print cards. These prints can be used for the multi state permits, ATF, FFL, Specific state, etc.  

Postal Mail

We will mail out your paperwork to the appropriate government(s) via the United States Postal Service (USPS).  

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